Austin Rankings

  • Dillon Fleharty
  • 12/29/20

2020... WHAT A YEAR! For many of us it was a year of reflection, a year of reevaluating what matter the most to us, a year that shows us just how quickly life can change, and a year that forced us to question where we live and why we live there.

Having been in Manhattan when the pandemic started I fully appreicate the desire for more space and dare I say "room to quarantine." 

Thankfully I'm living back in Austin, my home. For those of us lucky enough to live here, it's not a tough question to answer why we live here. With Ausitn ranking top in business, education, and lifestyle it's no surprise so many people are leaving densly populated urban areas and making there way here.

I thought I would share how Austin stacks up from Business, to lifestyle. Below is a list of all different rankings and rating that has Austin on some many peoples radar. Enjoy! 




TEXAS Rankings



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